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Diana Butler Bass

Saturday, April 20, 2021

Dr. Bass introduces her latest book Freeing Jesus, published on March 30.  According to her website, in this book Bass “goes beyond the culture wars to offer a refreshing take on the comprehensive, multi-faceted nature of Jesus, keeping his teachings relevant and alive in our daily lives.”  She is a previous lecturer at Mountain Top Lectures and her talks were very well-received by our audience.

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Mountain Top Lectures was founded eleven years ago to provide a north Georgia forum for presentation and discussion of progressive religious and spiritual ideas.   Over the years, the series has offered cutting-edge speakers and an opportunity for the audience to engage around their ideas. 

Times have changed.  Some of the progressive ideas from the early days are now considered mainstream.  Mountain Top Lectures has played a significant role in the thinking of many folks.  The series moved from the intimate setting of a weekend event at Amicalola Falls State Park Lodge to a one-day event on the campus of the University of North Georgia.  The speakers we engaged became better known and their speaker fees rose accordingly.

Then 2020 happened.  The Board adapted to the reality of an ongoing pandemic by offering a free virtual event, to be followed by a second free virtual event.  While the events were “free” to our attendees, MTL still paid speaker fees.  At the same time, more and more first-class content, often offered by former and current MTL speakers, became available online for little or no cost to consumers. 

In 2021, for both better and worse, we find ourselves living in a new world.  There are so many rich learning opportunities available in digital format, and we celebrate that.  But it makes MTL’s delivery model, gathering a large audience in small space to engage with a single speaker, somewhat obsolete.

So the Board of Mountain Top Lectures has made the difficult decision that Dr. Diana Butler Bass’s lectures on April 10 will be our final event.  We have enjoyed and learned from this journey with so many of you and we look forward to continued seeking and explorations in our new world.  The journey continues, and we hope to “see” you in these new formats.

Our gratitude goes out to all who have attended our lectures through the years.  Your participation has added immeasurably to the success of Mountain Top Lectures.  And we offer special thanks to all of our sponsors whose support has been a source of sustenance through the years.  Thank you for sharing these experiences with us.

"Lectures that affect the spirit, engage the intellect
and transcend dogma"

Mountain Top Lectures, in collaboration with the University of North Georgiahosted scholars and authors on a wide range of issues of religion and spirituality in a north Georgia setting. 

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