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Over the last several years a number of independent book clubs in North Georgia have been reading books that explore various aspects of our religious heritage and spirituality.  Many of us have attended theological lectures and felt there would be an interest in offering lectures in North Georgia to learn more about the origin and evolution of our religious heritage.

To this end, we have created
The Mountain Top Lectures to host scholars on a wide range of issues of religion and spirituality in a north Georgia setting. We host three lectures per year, one in the spring, one in the summer and one in the fall at the Lodge at Amicalola Falls state park in Dawsonville, Georgia.

Since we began in 2010, we have been very fortunate to host some of the most prominent authors and speakers on religion: Dr. Amy Jill Levine, Dr. Marcus Borg, Dr. Robin Meyers, Dr. Bart Ehrman, and the Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bouregault,     Dr. Brian McLaren . Bishop John Shelby Spong, and
Dr. John Dominic Crossan.

2014 Lecture Series speakers -

  • May 16-17 - Dr. Diana Butler Bass
  • August 2 - Rev. Fred Plumer
  • November 7-8 - Rabbi Rami Shapiro

If you have an interest or curiosity about how Christianity and other religions developed and the challenges they face in the 21st century, you will want to join us at Mountain Top Lectures.  We try to limit the number attending our lectures to around 120 to provide an intimate setting for questions and discussion.

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16 May 2014 5:00 PM • Amicalola Falls State Park Lodge, Dawsonville, GA

New summer one day program scheduled for August 2, 2014

Mountain Top Lectures will offer a one day seminar on Progressive Christianity next summer at the Amicalola Falls Lodge, Dawsonville, GA.

This exciting and informative program will explore how and why Christianity is changing in the 21st century.

Future Mountain Top Lecture speakers

Summer 2014
Rev. Fred Plumer

Fall 2014
Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Spring 2015
Dr. Owen Flanagan

Fall 2015
Dr. Barbara Brown Taylor

2014 Spring Lecture - May 16-17
(registration begins March 1st for our sponsors and
April 1st for general registration)

  Diana Butler Bass

  She is an author, speaker, and independent     scholar specializing in American religion and     culture. She holds a Ph.D. in religious studies   from Duke University and is the author of         eight books including Christianity After             Religion: The End of Church and the Birth         of a New Spiritual Awakening
  forthcoming from HarperOne in February 2012. Her other books include A People's History of Christianity: the Other Side of the Story (HarperOne, 2009), nominated for a Library of Virginia literary award and the best-selling Christianity for the Rest of Us (2006) which was named as one of the best religion books of the year by Publishers Weekly and was featured in a cover story in USA TODAY.

Exploring Christianity AFTER Religion

What happens to faith when "religion" becomes a bad word? When there are more unaffiliated Americans than there are Roman Catholics, mainline Protestants or evangelical Protestants? Everything changes, that's what happens.  Join Diana Butler Bass, author of "Christianity After Religion," for a weekend of thinking about the world outside of church, looking at trends and topics that are influencing our own spiritual lives and our communities of faith.  

Friday night:  The "Nones" and the Nuns: Getting On and Off the Faith Bus.

In this lecture, Diana unpacks movements and trends in American religion, with an eye toward how these trends play themselves out in our lives, churches, and society.  We'll particularly explore trends among younger American adults toward leaving church and the growth of religious pluralism.   

Saturday:  Embracing Spiritual Awakening

Diana presents two lectures and conversation time exploring the possibility of being spiritual and religious.  By engaging themes of experience and questions emerging from patterns of belief, practice and community, we will delve into what it means to be a Christian in today's world.

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